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Transmittance (10 mm thickness, reflective losses included)

Refractive Index nf (486nm) = 1.4631; nd (588nm) = 1.4585; nc (656nm) = 1.4564
Birefringence Constant 3.54 (nm/cm)/(kg/cm2)
Abbe Constant 67.8
Bubbles/Inclusions none
Fluorescence Virtually fluorescence free
Impurity Content Total metallic impurities: approximately 5 ppm
OH- Content > 1000 ppm
Density 2.201 g/cm3
Coefficient of Expansion 0.55 x 10-6 /oC
Softening Point 1600oC (2912oF)
Annealing Point 1120oC (2048oF)
Strain Point 1025oC (1877oF)
Max. Service Temperature 950oC (1742oF) - continuous, 1200oC (2192oF) - limited time
Dielectric Strength 250-400 kV/cm at 20oC
Chemical Stability High resistance to water and acids (except hydrofluoric).
Young's Modulus 73 GPa at 25oC
Shear Modulus 31 GPa at 25oC
Rupture Modulus 50 MPa at 25oC
Bulk Modulus 36.9 GPa at 25oC
Poisson Ratio 0.17 at 25oC
Knoop Hardness 500 kg/mm2
Compressive Strength 1.1 GPa
Tensile Strength 50 MPa