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Lead Molibdate (PbMoO4)

Lead Molibdate Crystal features low optical losses, high optical homogeneity and stability to laser radiation. This material is commonly used in acousto-optical and high voltage measurement devices, and as a scintillator for high energy radiation monitoring.
Maximum available size: Dia 60 mm x 80 mm long.
Finished components can be supplied with antireflection coating.

Main Properties

Chemical Formula


Crystal Structure


Density, g/cm3 at 293 K


Melting Temperature, K 1330
Hardness (Mohs) 3
Transmittance Range, mm 0.42-5.5
Transmittance at 515 nm for 6 mm light path, % > 70
Refractive Index at 633 nm no=2.38
Sound Velocity, L (001) mode, m/s


Sound Attenuation at 500 MHz, dB/cm 2.5
AO Figure of Merit M2, s3/g

37 x 10-18

Reflection Loss per surface, %
single wave AR coating
broadband (450-900 nm) AR coating

< 0.2
< 0.6