Almaz Optics, Inc.
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Normally Almaz Optics supplies optical materials in a form of pre-shaped blanks (cut, ground or commercially polished) to minimize material loss and labor cost for a customer.

There are 2 ways to order blanks:

  • Customer specifies minimum blank dimensions, Almaz Optics fabricates the blanks slightly oversized within our standard tolerances (typically + 0.5-1.0 mm on diameter, 0.25-0.5 mm on thickness for round blanks).
  • Customer specifies dimensions and tolerances, tighter than standard tolerances are available on request.


 Fused Silica and Sapphire are available also in form of rods. Use of rods vs. blanks can be beneficial for customer in the case when the job requires blanks of the same diameter but of different thickness.

Sapphire: Diameter: 2-20 mm, length: 150-800 mm. Rectangular and square rods and ribbons (10-80 mm wide, 1-10 mm thick and 150-450 mm long) are also available. Custom cross-section rods and ribbons are available on request.


 Almaz Optics supplies "as grown" Sapphire tubing. We do not carry standard sizes, all tubing is custom fabricated.