Almaz Optics, Inc.
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What Can ALMAZ Optics Do For You?

We can provide you with high quality optical  products and materials at very competitive cost!

ALMAZ Optics Inc. is a distributor for several leading Russian manufacturers of high quality optics and optical materials. We offer to our customers a rare opportunity of direct access to the best achievements of Russian Optical Science and Technology, combined with potentially significant savings. Available optical materials include fused silica, sapphire, quartz and many other optical, non-linear and scintillation crystals. All these materials are available in form of finished components (windows, lenses, prisms, wafers, substrates, etc.) and custom blanks/rods. ALMAZ Optics also supplies sapphire tubing, sapphire and silicon wafers for semiconductor industry.

ALMAZ Optics provides an exceptional grade of personal service, superior technical support and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. We feature prompt replies to Requests for Quotation (typically within 24 hours) and delivery schedules tailored to meet your needs.

ALMAZ Optics' Management

Dr. Vladimir Vaynerman, the founder and president of ALMAZ Optics, Inc., has served in a number of positions in the Russian and American optical industry, including Director of Science and Engineering at Dynasil Corporation of America, VP of Dynasil International, board of directors member of  JV Petrosil, and president of V&L Products, Inc. He holds a number of Russian patents related to the manufacture of synthetic fused silica and ceramics, and has published numerous scientific papers.