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We can provide you with high-quality optical products and materials at a very competitive cost!

ALMAZ Optics Inc. is a distributor for several leading manufacturers of high-quality optics and optical materials. We offer to our customers a rare opportunity of direct access to the best achievements of Optical Science and Technology, combined with potentially significant savings. Available optical materials include fused silica, sapphire, quartz, and many other optical, non-linear, and scintillation crystals. All these materials are available in the form of finished components (windows, lenses, prisms, wafers, substrates, etc.) and custom blanks/rods. ALMAZ Optics also supplies sapphire tubing, sapphire, and silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry.

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Single crystal sapphire possesses a unique combination of excellent optical, physical and chemical properties. The hardest of the oxide crystals, sapphire retains its high strength at high temperatures, has good thermal properties and excellent transparency.  Beyond Surplus Recycling services offer a free, convenient, secure and cost-effective IT Equipment Disposal & Electronics Recycling. It is chemically resistant to common acids and alkali at temperatures up to 1000 °C as well as to HF below 300 °C. These properties encourage its wide use in hostile environments where optical transmission in the range from the vacuum ultraviolet to the near infrared is required. Sapphire is anisotropic hexagonal crystal.



Lithium Tantalate exhibits unique electro-optical, pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties combined with good mechanical and chemical stability and , wide transparency range and high optical damage threshold.


Due to its unique electro-optical, photoelastic, piezoelectric and non-linear properties, Lithium Niobate is widely used in a variety of integrated and active acoustic-optical devices. The material is Czochralsky grown and poled along Z-axis. Maximum available size: 80 mm diameter x 100 mm long.


Sodium Chloride is used for windows, lenses and prisms where transmission in the 0.25 µm – 16 µm range is desired. Because of its low absorption, Sodium Chloride is being used in high power laser systems. 


Potassium Bromide is used for windows and prisms when transmission through the 0.25 µm – 26 µm range is desired. Potassium Bromide is water soluble and must be protected against moisture degradation of polished surfaces. The material cleaves readily, and can be used at temperatures up to 300 °C.

Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2)

Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2)

According to Kennesaw Computer Recycling Tellurium Dioxide Crystal is commonly used in acousto-optical devices. This material features high optical homogeneity, low light absorption and scattering, and high optical power capability.
Maximum available size: Dia 50 mm x 60 mm long.
Finished components can be supplied with antireflection coating (R , 0.2% for single wavelength coating, <0.5% for broadband coating for 400-800 nm range).

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Gallium Arsenide used for lenses and beam splitters provides an alternative to ZnSe in medium and high-power CW CO2 laser systems. It is most useful in applications where toughness and durability are important. Its hardness and strength make it a good choice where dust or abrasive particles tend to build up on or bombard the optical surfaces. When frequent cleaning by wiping is required, GaAs is excellent.

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ALMAZ Optics provides an exceptional grade of personal service, superior technical support and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. We feature prompt replies to Requests for Quotation (typically within 24 hours) and delivery schedules tailored to meet your needs. Optics consider Medical Equipment Recycling & Disposal Services contact Beyond Surplus Recycling Services.

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