Single crystal sapphire possesses a unique combination of excellent optical, physical and chemical properties. The hardest of the oxide crystals, sapphire retains its high strength at high temperatures, has good thermal properties and excellent transparency. It is chemically resistant to common acids and alkali at temperatures up to 1000 °C as well as to HF below 300 °C. These properties encourage its wide use in hostile environments where optical transmission in the range from the vacuum ultraviolet to the near infrared is required. Sapphire is anisotropic hexagonal crystal. Its properties depend on crystallographic direction (relative to the optical C-axis).

Maximum available size for windows, lenses and blanks made of high purity optical grade single Kyropulos grown Sapphire: 250 mm Dia x 120 mm Thk and 175 mm Square x 120 mm Thk.
Also available Semiconductor Epi polished wafers and substrates for blue LEDs (Nitride based devices).
Sapphire grown by EFG method is available in form of round rods (1-8 mm Dia, up to 500 mm long), rectangular and square rods and ribbons (10-80 mm wide, 1-10 mm thick, 150-500 mm long), tubes, thermocouple sleeves, crucibles (1.5-50 mm ID, 0.5-4.0 mm wall thickness, up to 600 mm long) and other custom cross-section configurations.

Semiconductor Substrates

Substrates are available in all orientations including R-axis, C-axis, A-axis and M-axis, in a circular shape from 50.8 to 152 mm diameter.  Thickness available in 0.33 – 1.0 mm range. Primary flats per SEMI Standard are provided on circular substrates, secondary flats and custom surface finish are available on request.